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You’ve spent the year hearing all of the cliches, from “these are unprecedented times” to “we’re living in a new normal.” 2020 has shaken the foundation of many of our industries, and beauty is no exception. While in the last decade, the industry had 4.6% growth, according to a McKinsey report on how the beauty industry has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, early estimates show that there’s an estimated 20% contraction of beauty purchasing in 2020. …

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To new brands, small businesses and individual creators, launching a beauty brand can be a nonstarter without resources, knowledge and capital. With as many as 90% of beauty product launches failing within a year, Creator Nova tackles the most significant operational challenges that beauty brands face, from manufacturing, to inventory planning and fulfillment. Our “one-stop shop” platform aims to make entrepreneurship more accessible.


Lack of visibility into the cosmetics supply chain and limited knowledge of manufacturers proves to be a significant burden in the earliest stages of launching a beauty line. Brands and creators struggle to identify the right manufacturers…

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The cosmetics industry is worth $17 billion in the United States alone, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% over the next few years. Especially as consumer demands change (for example: clean, organic, hypo-allergenic, sustainable), those with entrepreneurial mindsets are seeing opportunities in the industry and want to learn more about what it takes to start a cosmetics business.

What’s your why?

Before starting your own line, understand why you want it. Starting your own beauty business can be a long, arduous process. You need to have an underlying motivation and passion for this endeavor to help get you through…

What is the Creator Nova Insiders program? Be one of our first creators launching your own beauty line.

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What is Creator Nova Insiders?

We are starting Creator Nova Insiders to introduce our first group of creators to Creator Nova, making entrepreneurship more accessible to individual creators and growing companies.

Insiders have exclusive access to our service and will be the first creators designing their own beauty products with Creator Nova. Our team will tailor products specifically for you and your requirements, making sure that we find the right suppliers to design exactly what you want.

Creator Nova’s founders will work with you as your “personal…

Ever thought about starting a beauty brand but didn’t know where to start?

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Today, we are excited to announce Creator Nova.

Creator Nova is a digital platform which provides design, manufacturing and fulfillment support so that diverse creators can seamlessly launch their own premium beauty brands. With Creator Nova, creators can serve their following without being burdened by the operational difficulties of managing a beauty line.

Our founding team brings strategy and operations expertise from key sectors including beauty, big-tech, D2C start-ups, and venture capital to make Creator Nova the platform that will change the face of the beauty industry.

Catering to the Next Generation of Beauty Consumers

The founders…

Creator Nova

beauty brand building and product development platform

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