How Creator Nova is tackling creators’ most significant operational challenges

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To new brands, small businesses and individual creators, launching a beauty brand can be a nonstarter without resources, knowledge and capital. With as many as 90% of beauty product launches failing within a year, Creator Nova tackles the most significant operational challenges that beauty brands face, from manufacturing, to inventory planning and fulfillment. Our “one-stop shop” platform aims to make entrepreneurship more accessible.

Lack of visibility into the cosmetics supply chain and limited knowledge of manufacturers proves to be a significant burden in the earliest stages of launching a beauty line. Brands and creators struggle to identify the right manufacturers for their desired product preferences and attributes. Scattered information, back and forth communication between multiple suppliers at once and not being able to easily compare manufacturers side-by-side make choosing a supplier tough. Additionally, discerning the differences among certain characteristics (such as cruelty free, hypoallergenic, natural, vegan etc) and understanding the span of formula options available can make designing a cosmetic product overwhelming.

Creator Nova’s supplier directory, transparency index and order management tool provide brands and creators with improved visibility and confidence in the supply chain. We help you understand different product attributes to choose from, compare suppliers side-by-side and make sure they meet the requirements you are looking for. Working closely with the Creator Nova team, you can feel more confident during the product development process and avoid unnecessary, repeated back-and-forth while designing your beauty line.

One brand Creator Nova spoke with said, “I wish we understood fulfillment and ordering products, and forecasting…we don’t really understand numbers and need help with analytics to prevent sell out.” Poor inventory planning leads to cash flow challenges, unnecessary inventory holding costs and/or lost sales if product is out-of-stock.

Creator Nova’s platform moves beyond manufacturing support and also includes inventory planning, an area brands have called out as being one of their biggest challenges. Creator Nova features help estimate demand by product, predict timing of sales and provide a detailed view into inventory levels, ensuring that brands can optimize inventory holding costs and maintain an in-stock product.

Designing and managing a fulfillment process that ensures customers a seamless ordering, shipping, delivery and return experience is another common challenge. Brands often complain about the logistical difficulties in accurately managing a high volume of orders, especially during the early stages of launching a brand when fulfillment can be managed manually.

With fulfillment management that includes support from ordering to shipping, Creator Nova frees up creators to instead focus on growing their brand.

At Creator Nova, we believe entrepreneurship should be more accessible and have designed our service to tackle brands’ and creators’ most difficult challenges. This Fall 2020, we are launching Creator Nova Insiders to introduce our first group of creators to Creator Nova. As an Insider, you will have exclusive access to our service, with our founders working with you as your “personal COO” for your beauty line. Apply to Creator Nova Insiders here and join us today!

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